Original Technology

  • Flaking and paper making technologies

  • Laminating technology

  • Slitting technology

    • Technology to cut mica tape to a customer’s requested width or shape
    • Available for slitting mica tape that is an inorganic substance from 5 mm of width onward
    • Available for production of 10,000-m-long tape
  • Laminating press technology

  • Prepreg sheet manufacturing technology

  • Punching press processing technology

    • Technology to punch mica plates into various shapes
    • Applying pressure to processed materials using punching dies to process them in customers’ requested shapes
  • Punching die designing technology

    • Design of punching dies optimized for mica plates and materials
    • Reduction of the design time and speedy response by designing punching dies in-house
    • Improvement of cost-effectiveness by reducing design cost
  • Laser processing technology

    • Manufacturing from a sheet
    • Available for quick delivery with just one drawing
  • Cutting technology

    • Machining center, milling cutter, lathe
    • Know-how cultivated by handling mica plate that is brittle and difficult to process
  • Forming process technology

    • Taking on the task of processing customers’ requested shapes
    • Available for cylindrical forms or bending processing, in addition to flat plates