Mica for induction furnace


Mica for induction furnace is made of mica paper, glass cloths and ceramic paper bonded with silicone adhesive.
Ceramic papers make use of fully bio-soluble fibers, and are compatible with the RCF regulation.
It is mainly used between thermal insulators and coils in induction furnace for coil protection, thermal insulation, and vibration absorption. Furthermore, the slippage nature of mica surface allows for easy disassembly of fire-resistant materials in repair work.


  • (1) Excellent heat resistance and electrical insulation.
  • (2) Comes in rolls for easy installation.


  • (1) Electric induction furnace

Composition, standard dimensions and general properties

Cf sheet mica (H) CG sheet mica (H) CM sheet mica (H) GC sand mica (H)
Symbol DCP88UD4 DCG78UD5 DCG78UD6 DGD78UD1
Mica Mica paper based on phlogopite Mica paper based on phlogopite
Reinforcement Ceramic paper Ceramic paper and glass cloth Glass cloth
(one surface)
Standard dimensions Thickness (mm) 2.5 2.5 2.5 0.4
Width (mm) 1000
Length (m) 10
Dielectric breakdown voltage (kV) 7.3 5.4 5.8 6.4
Tensile strength (N/15mm wide) 110 214 445 165
Loss of mass by heating 4.2 4.7 6 2.7
900℃-1hr (wt%)
Thermal conductivity (w/m・K) 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.2

*The above values are examples from tests, and are not guaranteed values.