Heat resistant insulation mica pipe


Heat-resistant insulation pipe is made by combining mica paper with silicone adhesive, and shaped in pipe forms.
Provided in a set with Damma washer for bolt insulation, it is used as the insulation collar materials for high frequency induction furnace, arc fusion furnace, and other types of plant equipment due to its excellent insulation properties under high-temperature atmosphere. The inner diameter, outer diameter and length of this product can be customized according to the user’s specification.


  • (1) Excellent resistance to heat.
  • (2) Available in a length up to 1,000 mm. We can deliver the iron core with this product mounted.


  • (1) High-temperature insulation parts in induction heater, high-frequency induction furnace, arc furnace, etc.
  • (2) Shaft insulation
  • (3) Stud bolt insulation

Composition and standard dimensions

TD-GS82 D680A pipe
Mica Mica paper based on uncalcined muscovite Mica paper based on phlogopite
Binder Silicone Silicone
Reinforcement Glass cloth N/A

Properties (general properties)

TD-GS82 D680A pipe
Inner diameter mm φ6 or more φ4 or more
Length (m) mm 1000 or less 950 or less
Dielectric breakdown voltage kV/mm 10 or more
Insulation resistance Normal state 2000 or more
200℃ 100 or more

*The above values are examples from tests, and are not guaranteed values.