Industrial furnace

What can be achieved with [industrial furnace] x [mica]

Insulation between coil layers. Utilizing slippage enables the easy disassembly of fireproof materials.

Mica product name

D581, mica for induction furnace

Items in which these products are used
  • • Between the coil layers of induction furnaces
  • • Between the heat insulation materials and coils of crucible induction furnaces
The excellent functions of these products especially recommended from a sales perspective.
  • In addition to protection, heat insulation, and the vibrational absorption of coils, our products may be also used as a slippage material, utilizing mica’s slippage character.
  • Bio-soluble ceramics with low risk for health is used for the ceramic paper, so you can use it with confidence.
Detailed successful examples achieved through the use of mica products

Using our unique manufacturing process, our products maintain high quality even in a transporting container at high temperature. Our products have been transported to many Asian countries and have a high reputation for quality among users.

Technical data of product