Fireproof cable

What can be achieved with [fireproof cable] x [mica]

Using mica on the fire-resistant layer, maintains insulation performance, even in the event of fire, and can enable power distribution for a certain period of time, making it excellent for use in cables with the Fire Service Act.

Mica product name

Mica tape for fireproof electric cable

Items in which these products are used
  • • fireproof layer of the fireproof cable
  • • Dry transformer
  • • Soldering iron
  • • Insulation for high heat temperature
The excellent functions of these products especially recommended from a sales perspective.
  • We can propose various types of tapes with high electric insulation and fireproof capabilities.
  • With superior flexibility, our products have excellent taping workability.
  • We can offer quick delivery of required prototypes and be ready for mass production.
Detailed successful examples achieved through the use of mica products

We supply mica tape which meets customers’ expectations in matching the specific characteristics of their products, and these products using our products can pass a fireproof certificate early. In this way, our products have garnered the admiration of customers worldwide.

Technical data of product