FA production facility

What can be achieved with [FA production facility] x [mica]

We meets the requirements of insulation and heat resistance for any location throughout the factory.

Mica product name

D581, D581A, Damma 550L, Damma 700L, D461

Items in which these products are used
  • • Cover parts or inside of a distribution board
  • • Substrate slot part of a transformer
  • • Jigs for production facilities
  • • Heating board for mold heat retention for injection molding machine
  • • Heater supporting board for semiconductor production equipment
The excellent functions of these products especially recommended from a sales perspective.
  • Can be used up to a maximum thickness of 50 mm for heat insulation.
  • Any shape may be processed in various processing methods.
Details of successful examples achieved by the products

Production jigs that require heat resistance characteristics are easily worn and frequently replaced. Switching to mica material has increased strength and reduced the frequency of replacement, leading to cost reduction.

Technical data of product