What can be achieved with [coil] x [mica]

We can provide mica tape that has good adhesion for coils used for insulation system of high-voltage generators or electric motors.

Mica product name

Mica tape for coil insulation

Items in which these products are used
  • • Generators
  • • Electric motors
  • • Various types of high-voltage coil insulation for items such as transformers, etc.
The excellent features of these products especially recommended from a sales perspective
  • The product has a long track record both in Japan and overseas and offers excellent performance that is well suited to the specific facility. Quick delivery is possible.
Details of successful examples achieved by the product

By providing mica tapes suitable for taping machines and impregnating equipment at customers’ factories before the prototype stage, we have been able to gain a track record and reputation for reliability as a high-performance insulation system

Technical data of product