Rechargeable battery

What can be achieved with [rechargeable battery] x [mica]

The use of mica between cells may prevent the spread of fire in case of ignition.

Mica product name

D581A, D680A

Items in which these products are used
  • • Between lithium-ion battery cells
  • • Prevention of the spread of fire around various types of rechargeable batteries
The excellent functions of these products especially recommended from a sales perspective.
  • It is a non-combustible insulation material with excellent heat insulation characteristics.
  • Helps to secure safety for a long time without aging.
Detailed successful examples achieved through the use of mica products

If a battery is out of control and ignites, a tremendous amount of heat is generated. However, safety is better secured through greater space-saving made possible through the use of heat resistant/flame resistant mica, which is effective despite its thinness.

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