Home electrical appliances

What can be achieved with [home electrical appliances] x [mica]

Achievement of thinner and lighter home electrical appliances.

Mica product name

D581, D581A

Items in which these products are used
  • • Bath room dryers
  • • Warm-water washing toilet seats
  • • Hair dryers
  • • Toasters
  • • Electric rice-cookers
  • • Pots
  • • Support base of items such as clothing irons
The excellent functions of these products especially recommended from a sales perspective.
  • There are products layered from 0.15 mm of mica plate thickness.
  • In addition to UL94-V0, UL thermal index of 746B was obtained.
    *746B (D581: electric characteristic 750℃, mechanical characteristic 450℃; D581A: electric characteristic 760℃, mechanical characteristic 600℃)
  • There have been very little generation of smoke, odor, gas, or bulge from mica at high temperature.
  • Mass production is available with quick delivery.
Detailed successful examples achieved by the products

Development of thinner and lighter products are advancing in the home electric appliance industry. Mica has been introduced into various products because it has excellent electrical insulation properties even with its thinness, assisting in space-saving.

Technical data of product