Quality/Environmental Policy

  • We provide products that satisfy customers.

    In addition to assuring compliance with laws and other regulations, we continuously work to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system to meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

  • Okabe Mica Industry Co., Ltd. strives to contribute to local communities based on the basic philosophy of balancing environmental protection and business activities.

    1. We promote resource saving, waste reduction, and energy saving in all operations.

    2. We will set environmental objectives and targets for important items that affect the environment in our business activities and strive to achieve them. In addition, we regularly evaluate the degree of achievement, and perform reviews as necessary.

    3. We regularly conduct internal audits and review by management to continuously improve the environmental management system and prevent environmental pollution.

    4. We comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as other requirements that we agree with.

    5. We will make this policy known to all employees and make it available outside the company.