Message from Our President

  • Our company, founded in 1932, has spent over half a century specializing in the production of mica products that are used as electrical insulating materials. We have quickly shipped mica products with good performance and affordable price to various customers using them as parts to be integrated into their products.
    We take a pride in being the leader in the industry by means of the accumulation and application of core technologies including pressing, laminating, adhesion, and cutting in addition to basic technologies in the selection of raw mica, flaking, classification, and paper making to manufacture mica products.

    In addition, we make full use of secondary and tertiary shape processing such as cutting, punching, shaving, joining and unit assembly to process and deliver functional parts that customers can directly integrate into finished products. It is a unique strength of a mica material manufacturer that can handle one-stop services from raw material selection according to the customer's design.
    In the future, industrial technology may be advanced with increasing speed. The dependence on electricity may also be further increasing, including cars and lifelines. Naturally, it is expected for us that higher electric insulation technology will be demanded and studies on how to manufacture and use eco-friendly materials are further requested in the manufacturing industry.
    In the future, we will search for high-performance composite materials with various materials by using this mica material, which is rare globally, to make full use of the know-how and new technologies cultivated up to now.

    While shortening the test/evaluation periods for prototypes is one of our customers’ greatest challenges, improving parts materials to fit our customer s’ manufacturing equipment, and continuing with our perpetual challenge to pursue the high quality that has been cultivated by Japanese manufacturing culture, we would like continuously to be a partner who boosts manufacturing aimed by customers with fine-tuned consultations as one team.
    As we keep building reliable relationships with customers both in Japan and overseas, we are also proactively approaching the development of new materials and usages, as well as contributing to and developing quality products that help in environmental conservation and the road to a sustainable future.

    Yasumitsu Okabe, President