Home Appliances

The biggest problem for home appliance manufacturing plants is …

The Three Major Issues for Designers

  • Shortage of time
  • Lack of space to insert fire-retardant components inside products
  • No budget to spare for measures to cope with unforeseen problems

Okabe Mica’s products
offer solutions to these problems.

  • Thinness of 150 microns
  • Flame-retardant
  • Lightweight
  • Quick solutions
  • Flexible pricing
  • Meeting shape requirements

Here is what Okabe Mica’s
sales support can offer.

  • チェックマークProposal of products to meet strict quality control standards
  • チェックマークWealth of knowledge that young designers and engineers can rely on
  • チェックマークPreparation of prototype patterns as far as possible
  • チェックマークResponse with “speed” x “α” giving consideration to convenience for the customer even for unexpected requests.
Please contact us directly to find out about our
support for designers.