Company History

May 1932 Kumezo Okabe, the first president, opened Okabe Mica in Nakama City.

• Technical licensing for mica insulation materials for rotary machines (motors, generators) was given from Yasukawa Electric Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, which caused the business of manufacturing and sales to take off.

July 1949 Okabe Mica Co., Ltd. was established.
January 1954 With increased capital, Okabe Mica became a Mitsubishi Electric Corporation related company.
From 1960 The production of mica plates began.
From 1965 Development of the print motor mica substrate for robotic arms and radiator fans.
May 1981 The award for vendor excellence was won by General Electric Company in the US for the toaster substrate.
February 1985 Yataro Okabe became the second president.
September 1985 Began the manufacture and sale of the world's first UL Thermal Index 746B certified mica product.
October 1990 The award for vendor excellence was won by Philips in Singapore for the dryer substrate.

• Demands for smoke-less mica insulation plates for heating units were expanded both in Japan and overseas.

• Functional materials and assembly products with use of mica product processing were expanded.

September 1996 The new head office building was completed.
May 1999 ISO9001 certification was acquired. 
To quality policies of Okabe Mica Co., Ltd.
December 2004 ISO14001 certification was acquired. 
To environmental policies of Okabe Mica Co., Ltd.
November 2005 Yasumitsu Okabe became the third president. 

• Contributed to the development of applications for a variety of customers, including the development of discharge elements, from design to co-production.

November 2018 The new main plant building was completed.