What kind of materials does Okabe Mica manufacture?

Okabe Mica singlehandedly maintains communication from the stage of initial talks through
to product delivery to contribute to the cost performance of designers.


I want to discuss the specifications of delivered products. How far can you conform to customers’ requirements?

We deliver assembled and other products shaped to match requirements.

Example) Assembled product
This is a heater unit (assembled product)
developed by Okabe Mica. ドライヤーや加湿器、トイレの温風用などに使用されるヒーターユニット(アッセンブリ品)の説明図
Example) EVs
As well as UL04V-0, we have acquired UL thermal index UL764B for D581 and D581A mica.
D680 and D680A (flexible mica) are UL94V-0 certified. These types are often used for measures to prevent combustion around batteries in vehicles. We offer proposals for curled, right-angle and other shapes matched to the intended purpose. EV用電池 保護マイカの搭載イメージ

QandA Beginner’s knowledge

For those wishing to acquire basic knowledge on mica

Mica promotes thermal efficiency through its insulating performance, making it an energy-saving material. In addition, because it is a lightweight material with insulating performance, mica also contributes to the improvement of performance of next-generation electrical devices.

I want to find out about where I can procure mica and why mica is used in these products.

Mica offers outstanding insulating and heat-resistance characteristics and is used to prevent fire in a wide range of products including home appliances, generators, fireproof cables, and lithium-ion batteries. We make use of this know-how in our product proposals.

QandA Intermediate knowledge

I want to ask about heat resistance and insulation problems.

Our sales and technical staff talk to customers about problems they are experiencing and offer solutions. In situations where, for example, the matter is extremely urgent, or when designers have little time to spare because of their busy schedules, we offer especially rapid responses and will be more than happy to provide consultation whenever you have problems.

I am not satisfied with the quality of conventional mica products.

We listen attentively to what our customers have to say about any areas of dissatisfaction and offer original customized proposals after gaining an understanding of the reasons for their dissatisfaction. We proactively address our customers’ requirements to the very best of our ability.

What shapes of mica can you provide?

Mainly, we perform machining, punch, laser, and router processing of mica sheets. We propose optimum processing methods based on drawings provided by our customers.
Please feel free to contact us and take advantage of our flexible consultation service on complex shapes.

We’re having trouble meeting overseas quality standards … can you help us?

Customers experiencing difficulties meeting overseas quality standards for their products may be able to satisfy standards with our products. UL is a typical example of such standards.

We want to add functions to our products that they are missing.

Once discussions have progressed to a certain stage, our team of development specialists can liaise closely with the customer’s research and development division. We use the knowledge and know-how we have amassed over the span of approximately 90 years to meet our customers’ requirements to the very best of our ability.

QandA Advanced knowledge on mica

We are looking for a partner interested in joint development and prototype production.

Nowadays, requirements for material performance are becoming ever more sophisticated. A typical example is customers who wish to develop products using their own insulating materials with the flame retardance of mica incorporated. Using our processing equipment, we stand ready to offer our full cooperation from the prototype stage.

We are focusing our efforts on basic research and development and thinking about using mica.

Firstly, we will explain the characteristics of mica, the material in which you are interested. Once we have ascertained your requirements, we will provide you with samples that match your prerequisites. After full discussions, we will start work on producing a prototype without delay to enable you to devote your energies to speedy research and development.