[Business solutions] Introducing a new process

  • Introduction of new technology with external collaboration

  • Challenge for whole new development

A new process that was not in conventional technologies was introduced with cooperation from device manufacturers.


We needed to pulverize grain shaped functional fillers and disperse them in adhesives to obtain stable quality during development of new products, however, we did not have the requisite know-how.
We consulted with filler manufacturers and were introduced to a disperser/kneader manufacturer.


There are both cases where mixing may or may not be easily performed. Powders and a high viscosity liquids especially, were difficult to mix, and could not be dispersed uniformly. Non-uniformly dispersed powders that act as functional fillers may lead to unevenness in quality.
Solving this issue was a key for the successful development of this project.

  • 01

    Low viscosity liquid and low viscosity liquid

    Easily mixed with a stirring rod, etc.

  • 02

    Solid resin and a low viscosity solution

    Easily mixed with a stirring rod, etc.

  • 03

    High viscosity liquid and high viscosity liquid

    They are difficult to mix, thus,
    a mixing force is necessary.
    It is highly difficult, but can be done.

  • 04

    Powders and
    high viscosity liquid

    Difficult to mix (insufficiently mixed).
    Dispersion is easily unbalanced.
    Powders are easily aggregated.
    Clumped and not dispersed.


We created prototypes many times with a disperser/kneader manufacturer until we obtained an ideal state of dispersion.
We received a lot of advice from engineers of the kneader manufacturer, produced additional prototypes using previous prototypes, and evaluated them. Based on those results, we had meetings and produced prototypes again.
Two years later, we finally established a kneading method and successfully developed our product.


It is important for the development of new products in the future that we cannot simply continue to stick to our existing technologies, but incorporate new technologies sought widely from outside of the company.