[Business solutions] Process improvement

  • Process design to satisfy customers’ requests

  • Pursuing perfection

Based on a customer’s request,
we achieved improvement of our process and quality/accuracy.


The customer has requested that a lineup of mica plates in increments of 0.02 mm-thick can be made to improve their product characteristics.


In the past, the lineup and tolerance were ±0.02 mm for each 0.1 mm, so it was necessary to improve the thickness accuracy in order to achieve the customer’s request.


We optimized the mica plate manufacturing process, reviewed management methods, and improved the accuracy of measurement methods so that we could realize mica plate thickness with a tolerance of ±0.01 mm.


We were able to supply products that satisfy the customer’s requirement, and using the products as a springboard, the customer is currently conducting practical tests on devices that are indispensable for playing a part in next-generation power systems.