Our mica products …
Can be mounted in
lithium-ion batteries


Three major characteristics of mica
“Heat resistance,”
“insulation properties”and “workability” to
ensure lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion batteries are provided
with the safety features below.

  • Mounted in battery cells
  • Large current prevention damper function
  • Ion-permeable membrane ionic mobility stop function
  • Over charge and over discharge prevention
  • Abnormal temperature rise prevention
  • Abnormal ignition prevention

Mica is being considered to ensure even greater safety (prevention of outbreak and spread of fire) in the above functions.

Needless to say, mica is also effective for other batteries.

Compact Mobile phones, cameras, laptops, cordless cleaners, wireless speaker headphones, VR devices, power tools, mobile power supplies, compact power supplies for camping, drones, transfer robots, power-assisted bicycles
Medium scale PHV HV (passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, buses, aircraft, trains, ships, defense industry), mobile phone base stations, houses
Large scale Emergency backup power supplies, offices, condominiums, stores, hospitals, railways, airports, stations, power supplies for renewable energy storage, wind power, solar power, etc.
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