What is mica?

About mica

Mica, also called isinglass, is a natural mineral
that is characterized by its thin peeling nature.
In addition, mica has excellent electrical insulation
and heat resistance, and is widely used for
power and power generation, fire and insulation fields,
home appliances, next-generation energy fields,
production of new materials, and research and development.

Taking advantage of this thin peeling feature,
the "mica splittings" product, bonded with mica flakes, was the mainstream product of Okabe Mica.

Three major features of Okabe Mica products

  • Characteristics of electrical insulation

  • Characteristics of heat resistance

  • Only-one design

Mica, which utilizes electrical insulation, heat resistance, and unique design,
is used in various fields.

  • Heavy electric field (power)

    • Elevators

    • Trains

    • Power in plants

  • Heavy electric field
    (power generation)

    • Thermal power

    • Hydraulic power

    • Nuclear power

    • Wind power

  • fireproof/insulation field

    • High-rise buildings

  • Home electric appliance field

    • Home electric appliances

  • Next generation energy field

    • Hydrogen fuel cells

    • Electric vehicles

    • Lithium-ion batteries